Dolomite mountains Hotel Strata, Italy (+floor plans)

The shape of the Hotel Strata (Italy) in the Dolomite mountains was organized by timber strips, thus the volume was formed as a series of strata. The building is an extension of the natural landscape and reads as an artificial topography.

Architecture: PLASMA Studio
Photos: Cristobal Palma

Arrebol hotel, Patagonia, Chile

The Arrebol hotel (Patagonia, Chile) is built with the best view of the Puerto Varas city and Llanquihue lake. The public volume of the hotel contains the meeting room, restaurant and bar; and the private volume has two floors with the entrance hall and guest rooms.

Architecture: Harald Opitz
Photos: Francisco Negroni

Highlands landscape view hotel, Norway

Each room of this highlands landscape view hotel (Norway) is a small separated house with one or two glass walls. Every large window gets its own dramatic view of a piece of landscape.

Architecture: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor
Photos: JSA

Seeko’o hotel, Bordeaux, France

The Seeko’o hotel (Bordeaux, France) is situated in the northern part of the city. The project emphasises the clean, pure lines of its design and the total lack of decoration. Specific corner angle of the building offers an energetic dynamic and original design.

Architecture: Atelier d’architecture King Kong
Photos: Arthur Pequin